How to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace: Part 2

Effective Communication in the Workplace

One of the positions we’re always recruiting for at ResponsAble Safety Staffing is a safety technician position. A core requirement for this job is to have the ability to demonstrate effective communication skills. How can we grow in our communication skills in our work environment and even in our personal lives? In our last blog, we shared 10 ways to communicate better. In this blog, we will share a few more ways you can become a more effective communicator in the workplace.

Here’s 10 More Ways to Communicate Effectively:

  1. Asking Questions – Sometimes we don’t communicate well simply because we don’t understand what is being asked of us. If you’re unclear about a question on an interview, or instructions for a job task, it’s always best to ask questions before moving forward. Always ask to clarify!
  2. Developing Trust and Rapport- Believe it or not, a part of communicating well with others is simply developing trust. Building trust with people takes time, but it can be done when you’re intentional about caring for others. Once people trust you, they will listen to you. Remember this if you would like to move into a management position.
  3. Being Present- Have you ever talked to someone who was there physically in front of you, talking to you, but not really? Sometimes our mind can drift to something else right in the middle of a conversation with someone, and most of the time they know it. We give automatic responses to what they’re saying while pretending to listen. When this happens, what you’re communicating to the other person is that you don’t care about what they’re saying- that you don’t care about them. When you’re talking to someone, be present and really listen to what they’re saying to show that you care.
  4. Adaptation- Being adaptable to different, challenging situations is so necessary in the workplace. Things change unexpectedly and we find ourselves dealing with challenges we could never foresee. When those times happen, be flexible with the people you work with. Let your communication reflect it.
  5. Give Approval/ Encouragement- You can boost morale in your workplace through a simple compliment or encouraging word to a co-worker. And who doesn’t want to work in a more uplifting environment? When someone does great work, let them know! And when someone seems down, say something to lift them up. This type of communication goes a long way.
  6. High energy level – No one wants to talk to a Debbie-downer. When you’re speaking with people, be upbeat and excited about what you’re saying. Smile! If you have a low energy level, your lack of enthusiasm will show and negatively impact your work.
  7. Eye Contact – Making eye contact when communicating verbally indicates confidence. Hold your head up high, and look people in the eye when you’re talking to them. If you’re looking down at your phone or avoiding eye contact, what you’re saying will not be well-received. This is so crucial when you’re in an interview!
  8. Being Open and Honest- Honesty goes a long way, especially if you’re in a leadership role at your job. People love openness and honesty in leaders because it builds trust and rapport. You don’t have to share your entire life and all the nitty gritty details, but be open about who you are and what challenges you’re facing. People connect with that.
  9. Get on the same team- Get on the same side of the person that you’re communicating with by sharing their interests and concerns. You can build a sense of comradery in your workplace and win people over by getting on the same team. Communication in the workplace is very hard if you feel like you’re competing rather than working together!
  10. Say their name- Make it a practice to use people’s names when you communicate with them. If you work at a large company, make an effort to learn names of the people that you work with. You will earn favor and respect from people when you know and use their name. Why? Because you’re showing them that they matter. It’s a powerful thing!

We recruit safety employees on all levels from entry level Hole Watch to Certified Safety Professionals. We have new positions to fill everyday. So, don’t hesitate to apply now.

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