Employers: 7 Ways to Prevent Job Site Falls

job site falls

Falls are among the most common injuries that can occur on job sites. It is the employer’s responsibility to minimize the risk of workers falling by setting the job site up for success and safety.

Falling is of course an accident, however, there are preventative measures for employers to take in order to protect employees from the possibility of experiencing a harmful fall. Most falls result in a bad injury, and unfortunately in some cases, death.

There are many things that can cause a fall such as steep heights, unstable foundations, wet work sites, and improper knowledge of machinery.

7 Things Every Employer Can Do for Fall Prevention

  1. Train each and every employee to use equipment safely.
  2. Guard all floor holes that poses a threat for workers to fall into.
  3. Provide high quality personal protective equipment for employees.
  4. Make sure to keep your job site areas clean and dry.
  5. Set up guard rails for every open-sided platform.
  6. Ensure workers have the correct equipment and machinery for the job they’re working on (i.e. ladders, scaffolds).
  7. Plan ahead by determining the best way to get the job done, putting together a budget and ensuring you have all you need to complete the job safely.

As an employer, you are required to ensure a safe and secure work area for your employees. Many things, if not handled properly, can go wrong on a job site. However, you minimize the worry when you prepare and plan for success. Reduce the risk of falls by implementing these 7 steps before beginning work on a project.

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