Does Your Safety Staff Measure Up?

Safety staff measure up

In a lot of ways, your line of work is constantly being measured in terms of safety. There’s a high standard that is expected of you and your employees. Naturally, you can’t afford to hire just any safety staff.

You need trained, quality safety professionals to do the job- not just anyone. You need more than just “warm bodies” when you’re trying to ramp up for a new job on a deadline. With stakes this high and your reputation on the line, you have to eliminate the risk of hiring anyone that falls short of your high standards.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to worry about finding the qualified staff that measures up to the safety regulations of your industry. We’ve made it our area of specialty to do that job for you.

Reduce risk with the safety specialists.

1. We’re a part of your industry so we understand the regulations that you’re responsible for maintaining. We’re experts at safety and we’re in the know about the latest OSHA requirements. We take that burden off of your shoulders.

2. We handle all of the details (hiring, training, payroll, support and liability) so we can onboard your staff while you work to ramp up for the next project. While you’re preparing for the next job, we’re supplying the employees you need to do you current job.

3. We supply safety staff on demand. We know that what you really need is a supply chain with extra, fully-trained safety professionals that you can just call up when you need a position filled.

4. We specialize in all the work and details that you don’t have time for when you need additional safety staff. We have grown experience in working with companies just yours, so we’re able to handle your safety staffing at a level of excellence.

As one of the few agencies in the country who specialize in industrial safety staffing, we can provide a higher level of thoroughness, personal attention, and training that measures up to the high standards of your safety regulations.

We staff a wide range of safety professionals, confined space attendants/fire watch, and laborers. We’re constantly recruiting trained personnel so we can be ready for you when you need us.

Does your current staff measure up to regulations? If you cannot answer with confidence that they are, give us a call for a free needs assessment. You can reach us at 225-753-1909.We look forward to speaking with you!


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