Successful Attitudes Toward Safety


As humans, we instinctively seek to avoid pain and death. When we get too close to a fire and start to intensely feel the heat, we back up. It is instinct. We don’t have to tell ourselves, “wow, this is hot. Let’s move away!” We just do.

Yet, even with this instinct, when it comes to safety in the workplace, we consistently behave in a manner that is a threat to our well-being!

There are a couple of key reasons this occurs. The first is a lack of knowledge as to what safe practices are in given situations, but second, and possibly the most importance reason we may act in a risky manner is attitude.

What Is Your Attitude Towards Safety?

Are you all for it? Or are you one that complains about it? The difference in the two, is purely attitude. Your attitude affects almost everything that you do, and most importantly when it comes to your safety, how you behave.

Safety rules and procedures exist. That is true of every job. They generally cost companies extra money upfront in training and equipment costs, and potentially could cost them much, much more in the end if the rules and procedures aren’t followed. Employers are all in. They don’t have a choice.

  • Fight The System
    But, you have a choice of what your attitude is going to be. You can spend your days fighting the system, fighting your bosses and increasing your chances of getting seriously injured.
  • Enforce the Safety Rules
    Or you can accept that safety rules and procedures are written to protect you from harm. They are not here to make your work life more uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Look Out For One Another

If someone tells you that you are not working in a safe manner, do not become angry or defensive. They are just looking out for your well-being. Be thankful your errors were pointed out before someone got hurt. Someone cared enough to get you back on track.

Make sure to peak to others like you would like them to speak to you. Make sure you do not approach in an attacking way. And their behavior will reflect that attitude.

Have you ever noticed that people who are successful in life are just all around happier…have a great attitude? That’s how it is with safety. You will be much for successful at it, and eventually, it will become like stepping away from the fire…instinct.

Remember, attitude affects behavior. If you have a positive attitude, odds are you will exhibit safe behavior. A negative attitude toward safety will only cause conflict, stress and, ultimately, an accident.

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