The Risks of NOT Outsourcing Safety Staffing: Part 2

Outsourcing safety staffing

Could you use some extra safety staff, but don’t have a need for a full-time staff? A lot of business owners share this need, which is where a safety staffing specialist, such as ResponsAble, can come in to provide you with the temporary employees you need without sacrificing quality. We believe that building a close relationship with a staffing agency can help ensure that temporary workers possess the skills, training and experience that is needed to meet your needs.

Over the years, we’ve seen what can happen to companies that try to handle their staffing in house or work with general staffing agencies. We’ve written a two-part series about the risks you take when you don’t outsource safety staffing (find part 1 here). The bottom line is that these risks can seriously hurt your pocketbook, so choose wisely.

The Risks of NOT Outsourcing Safety Staffing

OSHA Fines

The primary goal of OSHA is to protect employees from any physical harm, but these violations can cause serious harm to your company as well.

Types of OSHA Violations:

  • Serious Violation: This is a type of hazard that could cause death or severe injury to the worker. It is generally considered by OSHA to be an obvious hazard and the employer should have known and rectified it – implying negligence on their part. This type of violation generally comes with a fine of up to $7,000 per violation.
  • Other Than Serious Violation: Unlike the Serious Violation, this type of infringement would not likely cause death or severe injury, but can also lead to a fine of up to $7,000. However, if the employer shows sufficient effort to correct the issue, the fine can be reduced.
  • Willful Violation: This occurs when the employer knows without a doubt about the endangerment of employees health and safety, yet does nothing to rectify the situation. The choice to ignore the law in this case, leads to a willful violation which carries a fine of up to $5,000 per violation.
  • Repeat Violation: This is basically how it sounds. If an employer has been charged with a previous violation, but has done nothing to fix the issue upon reinspection, it is considered a repeat violation. The fine for this type of violation is up to $5,000 per violation.

You might think these fines seem pretty small given the size of some companies and industrial plants out there, but failure to remedy a previous violation can lead to a charge of $7,000 a day. We can take this concern off your mind by suppling well-trained and equipped employees to do their job!

A Bad Reputation

Many contractors think that as long as there are warm bodies on site with the minimal training, that quality, image, and training don’t really matter.

What they don’t realize is that the client will see the difference.

Sending poorly trained employees to jobs will hurt your reputation and decrease repeat and referral business. The message you’re sending to them is either that your company is not actually big enough to handle the job, or that you don’t care about safety. Instead of sending that kind of message, your message needs to be, “we take your plant, and our job seriously. We do our best in everything we do – including how we recruit safety personnel.”

The truth is, your clients will only think as much of you as you think of your safety personnel.

Get better-trained workers on demand.

We recruit safety employees on all levels from entry-level hole watch to Certified Safety Professionals. On top of their traditional training, we provide additional training needed to stay sharp. With our highly refined database of safety personnel, we provide you with workers who meet and exceed your need for trained safety staff, no matter what your need may be.

ResponsAble takes care of all the details so that you can get the job done. Call us today at 225-753-1909 or click here for a FREE quote.

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