A Specialist For Your Safety Staffing Needs

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Obviously, we all want our companies to run as efficiently as possible AND be the safest environment it can for all of its workers. These goals are easy, right? You just hire great people!

So why don’t we all have this in our companies? That one is easy too! Because hiring is time-consuming and too often a painful process.

Some companies can internally reach this goal. They have the manpower to comb through the job boards, place job postings in the newspaper, sift through the piles of resumes, check on safety certifications and credentials, all in search of the perfect candidates for their safety positions, even for the jobs that require 50-60 safety professionals for limited spans of time. Once that job is over, they have the manpower to do it all again to staff the next job requiring safety professionals.

But what do you do when you don’t have the time and resources to find the best hires? When you are dealing with industrial jobs, the stakes are high! And when you are dealing with the safety of your company and workers, the stakes get infinitely higher! So how do you staff your industrial safety jobs?


Safety Staffing companies, such as ResponsAble, provide recruiting and employment services in several safety-related areas, providing employees to meet most safety-related company needs. By outsourcing your safety staffing needs, stay concentrated on the other needs of your company, without depleting your resources on finding great hires – and, you don’t have the additional worries of dealing with all the  hiring issues, plus adding on top of that the worry over layoffs, holdover costs and unemployment that comes at the end of a job.

Why a Specialist?

But if your are going to go outside of your company for such a high stakes proposition as safety – make sure you are contacting a Specialist!

Be wary of Safety Service Companies who offer some staffing on the side, but are not specialists in the STAFFING arena, and conversely, be wary of Staffing Agencies who are not specialists in the SAFETY arena.

You need a company who specializes in industrial safety staffing, can provide a level of thoroughness, personal attention and training that no regular staffing agency or safety consultancy can provide. ResponsAble is one of the few agencies in the country who specialize in industrial safety staffing.

ResponsAble takes care of all the details – so you can just get the job done. From screening and hiring, training and testing, placement and support, to payroll and HR duties, AND, we carry all the risk and liability. Call ResponsAble today for a FREE quote. 225-753-1909.

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