Creating an Environment of Safety

environment of safety

In the type of work you do, safety is no joke. The responsibility for your staff’s safety and wellbeing is a heavy load. Here are a few tips for creating a culture and rhythm of prioritizing safety in your workplace.

Include intensive safety training in the onboarding process. When you hire a new staff member, don’t skimp on the onboarding process. This training is critical to staff competency and efficiency. It also sets expectations and defines priorities for the work environment that you want to create.

Provide clear guidelines and checklists. Make sure your employees know what the safety protocols are and are equipped to follow them. 

Host monthly safety lunches. Provide lunch one day a month and have a project manager present relevant safety topics. Discuss topics that apply to current jobs or projects so that workplace safety is fresh. When you make it a priority to present information, your staff understand it as an important workplace consideration.

Post safety information in the workspace. Hang posters, reminders, and instructions around the workplace as visual reminders of safety considerations and information.

Orient staff on new equipment. When new tools and equipment are introduced, set aside time to go over instructions for use and safety considerations of the new equipment. Many suppliers will include safety information that can be easily shared with your staff as they begin use.

Lead by example. Your company’s leadership should prioritize safety as much as they desire the staff to. They should implement the same precaution and follow the set guidelines as are expected of all employees.

The liability is not worth the risk of safety. Promote an environment of safety in your workplace by creating intentional touchpoints and rhythms that communicate it as a priority to your staff. This investment will pay dividends over time.

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